And then Someone Ran a Red Light

We left Utah behind for good (for this trip) and started to meander our way south, where the birding will really begin. Despite our lack of Southeast Arizona, today was a three life bird day with Lazuli Bunting, Juniper Titmouse and Virginia’s Warbler.

I sit on the precipice at 499 species on my list. I’m dying to know what species will be #500.

We headed to Chinle to visit Canyon De Chelly National Monument, rumored to be just as fabulous as the Grand Canyon. More on that later.

As we turned onto the road for the canyon in Chinle, a woman in oncoming ran a red light and plowed into the passenger side bumper of our rental car while we were making our (protected) left hand turn.

So. What a way to put a damper on things, after such an epic past two days.

The car is driveable and our plans did not have to be altered, but naturally, we are concerned about the potential financial burden this could result in. It makes one nervous when Navajo Nation police are getting witness statements from three Navajo people (one an onlooking friend of the driver not in the car) and chatting in Navajo as you look on, feeling mighty unwelcome. I hope they do the right thing and the police report comes out with the other driver at fault, but there is nothing we can do with small town alliances if a false police report is submitted.

Afterwards, determined not to have come to Chinle just to be vehicularly rammed in an intersection, we headed to the canyon. It was nice, but after the slot canyons, monument valley and the accident, I’ll admit, we were totally meh about it.

The storm clouds in the background made the lighting very cool though.

Here’s to a better day tomorrow, an getting the hell out of Chinle!




One thought on “And then Someone Ran a Red Light

  1. Bluebird Annie

    Sorry you had a bad experience. I visited Canyon De Chelly some 25 years ago or so. I took my mom on a trip to Arizona and we really enjoyed this place. We enjoyed looking down into the canyon, seeing Navajo farming as their ancestors did.


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