And then I Saw a Condor

We left Vegas early on the morning and started driving towards Page, Arizona to visit the slot canyons. This drive took us through parts of Nevada, Arizona and Utah.


Virgin River Canyon


Paria River Canyon, Utah


When we got to Page, it was raining lightly, making a trip into the slot canyons a poor choice. We were deflated by this, having spent most of the day in the car and myself wanting to see Lower Antelope Canyon more than almost everything else on the trip.
And then we saw a California Condor. Due to habitat destruction, poaching and lead poisoning, the condor almost went extinct in the 1980s. In 1987, the last remaining 22 wild condors were captured and placed in the LA Zoo and San Diego Zoo.
There are now over 200 birds in the wild, and close to that number in captivity. While the condor remains critically endangered, I saw one in the wild, thanks to the dedication of my colleagues in the zoo field, working in a program similar to one I work in, with a different species of bird. I was deeply moved to see this bird, and who needs a slot canyon when you can see so much hope flying over Horseshoe Bend?




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