Birding Arizona

Day one started at 2:30 in the morning, when our lovely new puppy woke me up fifteen minutes before my alarm.

I haven’t mentioned Kirby on here. We found her while out bird watching, of course, an 8 week old dumped puppy. She’s adorable, and willful.


Anyhow, once at the gate for our jest flight, we spotted a kingfisher:


Real or not, it seemed like a good sign (hah!) for the start of our birding trip.


It’s kind of insane how many ancient saguaros are around, and they all have birds nesting in them.


We visited the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch. They are using treated waste water to reclaim and preserve riparian habitat. It’s an amazing place to bird, with a vast array of habitat, and it’s about fifteen minutes from the Phoenix airport.


Another good sign! Ha.

We also visited Tonto National Forest.



Top that off with a brilliant Thai dinner while watching Anthony Bourdain in pur hotel room? Not shabby for a travel day. Four life birds. The count is up to 490.


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