Boheme Cafe and Wine Bar


The Mr Monkey Burger at Boheme Cafe and Wine Bar in Montrose was the best burger I’ve ever had! It’s topped with cheese, avocado, smoked jalepenos and some top of the line bacon. I’ve been eating bacon for years, and this bacon is good enough for even the snobbiest bacon connoisseur. Scratch that, better than good enough. It’s slap yo mamma holler at the sky fantastic.

The burger comes on this buttery greasy sinful bun, with chickpea chips and golden raisin coleslaw. It all comes together perfectly, and kudos to the chef for pairing tastes and textures so well.

My boyfriend ordered the lamb and goat Moroccan chili, which came with some divine pads of ooey gooey goat cheese and some underwhelming (by comparison) garlic naan. This chili was spicy and luscious, so thick and full of flavor. I was so glad he ordered it so I could steal a few bites!

Overall, I love Boheme for an occasional date night. The cocktails, particularly the Old June, are original and tasty, although they vary widely by bartender. Despite that, I have yet to get a bad drink, and the food has always been spectacular. Hopefully, they’ll be able to offer their creative pizzas again soon.


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