Coffee Bread Pudding

I don’t have a photo of this dish, but it was absolutely delicious. I also don’t have any real measurements, since I made the recipe up, and I tend to just toss things together as I cook. So, here’s a simple run down:

Cube one loaf of stale French bread and place in a large mixing bowl. I added about two cups of the morning coffee leftovers, and up the rest of the liquid needed with buttermilk and some heavy cream. The amounts here don’t matter, the goal is to soak the bread thoroughly, without too much left over liquid. Usually, whole milk is used for this step.
I then added two eggs, a cup of sugar, and as much brown sugar. Then I added half a bag of butterscotch chips.
Mix gently (you don’t want the bread cubes to come apart too much) and bake at 350 until set.
Obviously, the amounts can all be tinkered with, but it was the coffee and butterscotch that made this recipe so awesome. I believe I will try new flavorings for more bread pudding variations!


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