I haven’t been blogging much lately, mostly because I’ve been caught up trying to bring attention to my favorite animal in the world. Somehow, my personal blog seems a little silly when I could be using this social media talent I have for something that really means quite a bit to me. Here’s why I care so very much about the Philippine Eagle.

Jeffery The Philippine Eagle

In 2008, the Philippine Eagle Foundation released Kagsabua, a Philippine Eagle with a two meter wingspan that was shot and captured in 2006. Upon release, Kagsabua became the first Philippine Eagle to be released into the wild outfitted with a radio transmitter to allow PEF staff to follow the eagle’s movements.
Kagsabua means unity, an homage to the cooperation it took to save the bird and protect Mt Kitanglad, where the eagle was released.

Despite such optimism, Kagsabua was killed by a hunter a month after release. Conflict with hunters plague the wild eagle population, and staff at the Philippine Eagle Foundation, and Philippine Eagle supporters around the world were devastated by the turn of events.

Four years later, justice has finally come to the hunter that took the released eagle’s life after so many people worked to save him.

The fine is the equivalent of approximately 2300 USD…

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