Thai Lana: Can Anyone Tell Me What This Spoon Is For?

Thai Lana had marvelous Tom Yum soup that made me sweat and swear a little (I asked for spicy!), but I didn’t want it to end at all.



The coconut based Tom Yum was also quite delicious, even though I’m not a huge fan of coconut.



The rest of the food was really quite mediocre, as far as mediocre Thai food goes. This means, it was delicious, but not great among the wonderful Thai available in Houston.


Unfortunately, the Thai iced tea, my favorite part of a Thai meal, was terrible. I recommend just getting water. This is the first Thai iced tea I’ve had that I didn’t like.  Such a let down.

In other news, the staff was awesome! Super friendly and polite, and they even gave us free dessert, which came with these spoons:



I’ve never seen a spoon like this before. I’m so intrigued.  Does anyone know anything about this type of spoon? Is it purely decorative, or is there a purpose to its design? I must know!


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