Ok, So Hear Me Out

I recently mentioned my abundance of goose fat, which from what I can gather, is the culinary equivalent of a lacing all your foods with crack, but without all the negative connotations and possible jail time.
So, I have a cheese sauce recipe that calls for browning onions and garlic in a bit of bacon fat. In one of those silly kitchen dilemmas, I needed some cheese sauce tonight, but had recently used all my bacon fat…
Yes I could have used some olive oil and called it a day, but my still unused portion of intriguing goose fat called to me, and I went for it.
Let’s just say, it was a whim well worth following. The result was a cheese sauce with a complex earthy and almost smokey taste that actually left the flavor of the cheese far far behind.
Will I use this for every cheese sauce I make? Nope! But man, it was a good experiment.


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