A Scattered Girl

Dissect and drudge
in and out of the meandering rhythms.
She wails because
Long ago

She cut,

I crashed,

She snorted up an existence
Full of exploding
a s t o n i s h m e n t.
Launch and pounce,
Blood coalescing with an oversight.

For all I could have been undulates
Beyond and out of

My reach,
if she would
I could.
It all dilates into an unbearable
gasps for,
grasps for a


“Too bad,” she had replied.
“I want you out,” I had said.
And as she shouts, I use
All of her.
I take her and make her me,
I’m the one with a magnolia, Who doesn’t even want it.
To give up, forget success
and to putrefy towards The red.
To be a statistic–nameless
With her in my body and a small
Mirror in my atria,
A lake in my hand.

Instead, I consciously bend
And distort the lights without
Performing a cutting,
An exorcism,
L e a f i n g her out of my molecules.

I think I could
Stand and smile
Deny the overwhelmed
Reincarnate my squinting self.


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