Immortality is not a fantasy

Talk about a strange animal! The turritopsis nutricula species of jellyfish is freaking immortal!  No seriously, this animal can cycle from the mature adult stage back to the immature polyp stage, over and over again.

This jelly does this through transdifferentiation, which isn’t too difficult to wrap your head around if you believe in the Holy Communion.  Transdifferentiation is when one type of cell transforms into another type of cell. While some animals can undergo limited transdifferentiation, like salamanders, and regrow limbs, this jelly can regenerate its entire body, seemingly over and over again.

Of course, researchers are studying this animal to discover just how it taps into the fountain of youth, but let’s hope they never figure it out. I want to grow old with the rest of you, just like it’s supposed to be.


These guys are taking over the oceans, slowly, but silently.


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