I have to admit, this place caught my eye as I drove by because I misread the sign. I thought they were advertising methi burgers, which is the Hindu word for a fenugreek seed. I got very excited for a split second about yummy Indian food inspired burgers!

Either way, sticking flamingos in people’s yards works up an appetite, so I stopped for a burger and a soda.

This place is adorable, and should never ever go away:



The burger itself was very yummy and not fast food like at all. While I was waiting, about four people came in just for milkshakes…I think I may have missed out on something amazing there, so I will return for these seemingly spectacular milkshakes!


5 thoughts on “Mytiburger

  1. Annie Roewe Bulloch

    Mytiburger! A staple of my high school years. There was one not far from school, and another on one of the routes I would drive home. I remember mom volunteers bringing tons of their burgers and fries to us at drama rehearsals, dance-decorating jamborees and that kind of thing. I am so hungry for Mytiburger now.

  2. Annie Roewe Bulloch

    I read that the Mytiburger on 43rd near TC Jester is the good one. Apparently the one on Kempwood changed ownership in the past few years and they started using cheaper ingredients.

    We definitely need to get over there sometime soon!


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