Crack dip, without the crack but with extra cheese

So, I found this recipe while perusing the Sing for Your Supper blog, and who can resist the name?
First, I LOVE dips. Have you had artichoke heart dip made with lots of mayo and Parmesan? Dips aren’t meant to be healthy or even wholesome. They are meant to be addictive. They are meant to spoil your supper. So, a dip named after a drug that is notorious for ruining your appetite?? Yes please, and thank you!

Making a good dip is like making sausage…you really don’t want to know what’s in this dish.
Shhh, don’t say I didn’t warn you:
2 cans white meat chicken
Ranch dressing
Bleu cheese dressing
Wing sauce
Shredded cheese
Mix and bake!

No, I didn’t record any amounts because the amounts don’t really matter. Don’t put too much of either dressing or the wing sauce, and overload on the cheese.

The results:


So this dip was very spicy and delicious, and I have the distinct impression that it has nothing to do with crack, but was probably invented by someone with a severe case of the munchies. It’s all the wonderful aspects of chicken wings, without working around all those tedious bones and tendons.
I was also struck by how much could be added to this dip. I’m thinking crumbled bacon, corn and mushrooms!

PS–I’m having a super bowl party this season, the super bowl being my second favorite holiday. This dip will be served. You’re invited. And check out tomorrow’s post for another BIG reason to attend said party.


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