Sher-e-Punjab Indian Restaurant


I tried out a new Indian restaurant recently, while on one of my Philippine Eagle conservation adventures. This was literally a U-turn last moment decision, and I later found out this place was on my “to try” list. (Yes, I keep lists. I often have a very difficult time keeping up with myself.)

So, Sher-e-Punjab had AMAZING customer service. This is very likely because we were the only customers. I hate to see that. It just breaks my heart. There are not enough family-owned businesses anymore, and most Indian restaurants still are, yet so many struggle.

The food itself was not slap your momma and fight a bear for the last portion tasty, but the menu was extensive and interesting! There were items on this menu I had never seen before. For that reason alone, I would go back, but the matron of the establishment was kind enough to give me a coupon for another visit, so two reasons are better than one!

One quick note though. Be prepared when you get your bill. These people have figured out that naan is essential to Indian cuisine…and they charge $5.00 an order!




3 thoughts on “Sher-e-Punjab Indian Restaurant

    1. Megan Neal Post author

      I organize a charity for the Philippine Eagle Foundation called Flamingo Flocking. We raise money by sneaking a flock of plastic lawn flamingos into someone’s yard at night. We are paid by their friends or family for the service, and it’s usually requested for birthdays. So far, we have raised close to $10,000 for the foundation! For more information about their wonderful work, check out the Philippine Eagle Foundation through google!


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