Natachee’s Supper ‘n Punch!

Oh my, I do love Natachee’s!

It’s not just the food at Natachee’s Supper ‘n Punch. It’s not just the punch either. This Midtown establishment has such a familiar, warm, homey atmosphere. It’s almost like having dinner and drinks in your best friend’s living room, not quite your own home, but terribly close.  Whether you’re in a large group, or on  a quiet date for two, Natachee’s is a wonderful way to spend an evening.

Amazing atmosphere and staff aside, the food here is hot damn awesome. There’s nothing fancy about it. You won’t find complicated amalgamations of frou frou ingredients and difficult to pronounce dish names. Two words–fried pickles. Three more words–fried green beans.  Ok, there’s also the pulled pork sandwiches, peach cobbler and SWEET POTATO PIE. The food is so tasty, fresh and obviously homemade! It will make you slap your momma! You’ll curse after the first bite, it’s so good. As my friend Jerry would say, you’d knife fight a bear for more of those fried green beans! Luckily, that’s not necessary.

The punch!

Fried green beans! The batter tastes a little like hush puppy batter. Nom!

The best pulled pork sandwich I've ever had.

Natachee’s also has great specials every week, and live entertainment!  Please, drop in and visit. This is one of those restaurants Houston needs.


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