Yelapa Playa Mexicana

I recently went to Yelapa on a Wednesday evening with a girlfriend of mine. I grew up on the border in the Rio Grande Valley, and this far north, as snotty and silly as it may sound, I don’t expect much from Mexican food. I’ve been eating some of the finest, home cooked abuelita Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes all my life, and when it comes down to it, yes, 350 miles of distance does make a huge difference.
Despite all this, upon entering Yelapa, I was expecting a little more. The restaurant has a nice, fun but some what yuppie atmosphere, and let me just say that the regular priced entree prices are extravagant. Hence, we went with happy hour ordering, which is all night long on Wednesdays at the bar and on the patio.
Let me be clear that the food was not bad. Let me also be clear that the tone of this post would be swimming in carbolic acid if I had paid their normal prices! The entrees typically go for anywhere between $18-$22 and if the lamb, pork and chicken tacos I sampled are an indicator of the quality of the full meal, Yelapa is robbing the populace of Montrose blind, but doing so with amazingly friendly service!
So, while the food was mediocre, for the happy hour prices it was good. Perhaps most importantly, the drinks were tasty and strong, and very well priced. One margarita sent me buzzing; two gave me the giggles. Be sure to try the sangria, as it’s some of the best I’ve ever had!
I absolutely recommend Yelapa Playa for drinks with friends and coworkers after work, and suggest soaking up those cocktails with some $2 tacos and $5 campechana. Just don’t order a lamb taco and do a silly thing like expect to get lamb. I’m pretty sure it’s just brisket.


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