Tiny Squirrels! That Fly!

Did you know Houston is the happy host to the Southern Flying Squirrel?

Well, I didn’t, until a few nights ago, while milling around an Oak Forest neighborhood.  I heard some squeaks and titters that directed my attention to a tree, and saw tiny little balls of light landing on the tree, then small balls of squirrel scampering away.

I was amazed!  We stood for about ten minutes watching these little guys zoom from tree to tree, over our heads and across the street, bickering and chasing each other.  It literally looked like someone was throwing a baseball at the trees, which suddenly exploded out of popple mode right before hitting the tree, expanding into adorable squirreldom!

I’ve since been told that it is rare to see these nocturnal nuggets in action, and most flying squirrels are spotted once dead or captured in some sort of area they cannot get out of, like a chicken coop.

Just another fun little Houston tidbit.  Keep your eyes and ears open for these fly by night fluffballs!


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